Fire Fare is looking forward to customizing a gathering that fits your specific and individual preferences. From someone that has experience with the responsibility to always provide the perfect meal, during the most precious of moments, it is fabulous be served. The meal tastes better when you actually get to spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy expert service and get spoiled with hospitality while you focus on what's important- your special gathering. Visit with your guests, while we put in the love and take the time to provide a gourmet meal on site. Ingredients for your menu are purchased from purveyors the day of your event and your grocery list is customized to cater to your palate and dietary needs. You also have the help of a food and beverage industry professional to execute your event. From shopping to cooking, service and clean up, take the hassle out of your best days in Central Oregon.

It does not matter where your set up is... we'll get there. We have Fare that is Fire and you get our full focus on quality for your guests. Not quantity for us.

Our food service coverage area will include Central Oregon: campsites, remote outdoor locations, homes, cabins, parks.

Coming soon -Adventure Dining! Our 'Adventure Grub Tables' will take you on a dining experience in some of Central Oregon's most wild and hidden locations with some incredibly breathtaking views. Stay tuned! Below you will find popular menu packages and other important knowledge. Thank you so much for checking us out! We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Afternoon / Evening Services- 1pm-7pm

PLETHORA OF TACOS- we know what a plethora is. two authentic fire fare protein options, fresh local made tortillas de maiz, green & red salsa ranchera, pico de gallo, cilantro, lime, radishes, chopped onion and cebollitas asadas. for the side- frijoles charros de cuenavaca. the meats: carnitas michoacan style, carne asada, pollo al carbon, chile colorado, chile verde, gringo bell beef, seasonal grilled white fish. veg-headables- sauteed local mushrooms, baja seasoned impossible beef, black beans. "when the taco is ready, it will open itself up to you"

PHAT BURGS & LOCAL LINKS - grass fed phatty patties, variety of local 'primal cuts' links and dogs. local big ed's hoagie buns and telera rolls, green leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, tillamook jack and sharp cheddar cheese. all the condiments you'll need. served with kettle chips and seasonal fresh cut fruit topped with mint and local raw honey. vegan plant based patties available

THATZA-PASTA! - penne and spaghetti pasta noodles with a bevy of sides and two sauces. choose your eight magnifico pasta toppings when booking. mama mia! your guests will be customizing there individual pasta masterpieces made on the spot. popular side selections: seasonal sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, spicy Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, italian seasoned ground beef, chopped organic tomatoes, parmigiana-reggiano, marinated chicken, fresh sliced garlic, clams or mussels, asparagus tips and many more available. sauces - traditional pesto, mamas marinara, meat-lovers bolognese, creamy alfredo

GARZA-Q’ED CHICKEN & RIBS - low and slow smoked wet pork spare ribs and marinated char broiled organic chicken thighs both served with garza's bomb bay bar-b-que sauce, fuss-less dried cherry cole slaw, baked texas style ranch beans, corn bread & butter. 'nuff said

SANDO CALRISSIAN SPREAD - custom sandos served with kettle chips and seasonal fresh cut fruit topped with mint and local raw honey. good enough for the smoothest dude in the galaxy. when you reach out please request the legendary sando list from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away... yes! can do veggie and vegan options, super-thumbs up!

YOU'RE KILLIN' ME SMALLS! S'MORE KIT - all the standards with honey grahams and hershey's milk chocolate bars. oh yeah, don't forget the peanut butter. *includes prep for those that don't wanna.

Morning - 7am-12pm

EGGY WEGGIES OMELETTE BAR - local variety of ingredients for your group to choose the omelette that suits their fancy. popular omelette fillings: assorted shredded cheese, local mushrooms, honey ham, apple-wood smoked bacon, jimmy dean sausage, green bell pepper, yellow onion, chopped roma tomato, and many more (choose five). Down home country style potatoes. seasonal fresh cut fruit salad - mint and local honey

MERICAN MORNIN STAPLE GUNS - bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, fruit. "Oh yeah! Well we don't take kindly to people, who don't take kindly..! round here."

MIGAS & MIS HUEVOS CON CHORIZO - local chorizo and fried fresh tortillas all mixed up with organic scrambled eggs. served with spicy red salsa ranchera and seasonal fresh cut honey mint mixed fruit.


HUEVOS RANCHEROS SANTO POCO- vegan frijoles charros, spicy salsa ranchera, over medium egg, guacamole, served on soft and crispy local corn tortilla. trust me. It's better than chilaquiles. seasonal fresh cut fruit with mint and local honey. top secret bloody mary bar. el guapo's crazy-stoopid-awesome-cia protected recipe mix, barkeep and awesome upper echelon garnishes. *Alcohol provided by client in private residence or permitted location. whoa-ver-here!

*consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

IMPORTANT 411. YOU'RE THE BOSS..! NEED THE INFO! Ask us about customizing your menu and other additional services. Keto, Vegan, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Carnivore, Omnivore..? We got you. Fire Fare believes in the power of organic foods and takes every opportunity to provide them. Our price estimates reflect fair industry rates for organic products and a genuine gourmet mobile service. We can offer meals to-go for your hike or day-trip adventure and also prepare meals for your home. All of our event bookings are based on calendar availability and services may be booked out for several weeks. Please book as far in advance as possible. Thank you!

Blow your event out with the works and customize your very own fine dining experience. Mobile bar? We got you. We have access to many local cuisine specific chefs and local expert mixologists. We also have access to a mobile bar horse trailer. You can book a special guest appearance at your event from a local favorite!

With Covid-19 still a threat we a currently targeting small groups of 12 or less. Fire Fare will have the safety of it's guests and staff members take priority above all. Fire Fare will follow any CDC state issued guidelines for group gatherings and sanitation. In our post shutdown world, our maximum guest count will increase to 50 in attendance. We have the capability to fully prepare your meal outside of your residence or at your selected private location. Service location permits and regulations vary. Remote location bookings (further than 15 miles outside of Bend) will incur a fuel/travel surcharge. Compliance for service provided will be approved by the Deschuttes County health department and local officials *which cover jurisdiction where the event is located. All meals are fully prepped on private site. Food from the client grocery list is purchased the day of the event from local purveyors. 15% service fee applies to menu cost. Website will be updated as services expand. Event set up and execution fees apply to all event bookings. Standard events are not to exceed 3 hours (overtime can be purchased). Protein costs may vary based on current market value and preparation time. We are keeping our maximum guest count low (during our inception) 12 maximum guests. Fire Fare's goal in 2021 is - complete guest satisfaction and retention. We are focused on authentic quality. Not quantity. This puts our guests at a unique advantage to experience the future of professional food service now. Also look for Fire Fare mobile food trucks arriving in Central Oregon this Summer!


Mobile Horse Trailer Bar - Subcontract your very own mobile bar and bar keep. *private residence or OLCC approved location

Music- Customize your party vibe with tunes. Let me know your music preferences and I'll be sure your guests are basking in the ambiance. Or ask about booking local live artists.

Local Knowledge- Not from the area? Hit me up about advice on secret local spots or book me for a guided adventure hike with Fire Fare food services available for our journey.

Beer and Wine pairings- With expansive local adult beverage knowledge, ask me about going above and beyond with beverage parings sure to delight the palate and educate newcomers to Central Oregon.

Games- I'll set up up with some of the standard basics. Ask for a list of options.