Our Family

"This is the start of something awesome that will grow roots in the heart of our Central Oregon community, built with the best ingredients known to mankind - love, kindness and true caring for one another. "

As a 30+ year veteran in food and beverage service, there is no position in food service I have not seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched. It is at the core of my soul. It is the ultimate honor to please others through the gift of food. Great food. Unforgettable food. It is a powerful feeling to uplift through the creation of food. As young teens the whole crew would hit up my house for 'some of them Garza burgers' after school -and I'm talking 13. The feeling of 'providing for others' sparked something in me that has burned white hot through my years of personal and professional experience. It has carried me from a kid as Dishwasher, to an adult as a General Manager, Director of Food and Beverage, and most importantly, my role as a father. I have been through the cycle of "climbing the ladder" and have had the pleasure of successfully managing several crews for decades at a 'five star' level. My work has earned me- every. single. industry. stripe. The journey has been extremely rewarding and deeply humbling.

Times and the heart changed and I knew last year that I needed something different. The world needs something different- that is new, challenging and meaningful. What matters in this industry is the connection, on a personal level, with the client. I am looking forward to offering all of my years of knowledge to your special event, for the ultimate experience, in the setting of your choice. You also have the chance to connect with additional local culinary talent to 'wow' your friends!? How cool is that!? This business is your opportunity to take advantage of something new and exciting. It's also my chance to touch people's lives through the power of food and good memories.

For my customers and myself - I am on a mission to rediscover the 'kid-in-me' that just wants to provide an amazing meal, made with love. From a food and beverage expert to you - now is your time to get spoiled by one of the best in the biz and take advantage of this unique service. Give me a shout.


-Brian Garza

The story of behind the model:

I would like to share two quick stories with you. Although there are many, many similar stories to these throughout my life, these two are highly relevant and resonate with the purpose behind Fire Fare.

Back in the mid 90's I was out camping in Dorrington, CA. with a bunch of old East Bay buddies. I remember the weather being terrible. This was no issue cause we were in close company of Captain Morgan- whom reared his ugly head often. I thought it would be sweet to hook the guys up with some King Salmon and I brought up two whole huge fresh sides of the prized fish. Of course, being in our early twenties, we had not a thing to cook with. No proper grill or equipment. But we had that Morgan! Not even foil... We only had one small-ass hibachi grille and these pieces of meat were too big for your standard full sized Webber. This coupled with the monsoon that was upon us and our altered state of consciousness, prompted one of the original modern food challenges. I told my friend Tony- "I'll just cook it on a log." Chuckles and doubt ensued... and more of the Captain. I had no doubt about the process and had already gone over the process in my head. It made perfect sense in there. Oval thick log, right over a spread of hot coals, rocks lining the side of the log (keeping the flames and ashes at bay) and the huge salmon sides, skin down, right there on that damn log atop a bed of onion lemon and herbs (separating the skin from the wood creating a flavored steam affect). Those flames curled perfectly up and around that log- licking the sides of that meat for an hour and a half. It was mesmerizing and nerve racking at the same time. Would the log hold up through the whole cooking process? It had to work. A close eye, a couple of well calculated turns and some efficient fire prodding, was all the maintenance it needed to produce something absolutely magical. Fish worthy to indulge any patron of a Michelin Star awarded restaurant was served that night, on a paper plate. Paired with the Captain. Magnific!

Fast forward to late March 2020. Yes, when we all realized how much Covid sucks and it's negative impact on all things social! My heart goes out mostly to the youth during this crisis. It is hard to witness them experience this reality. Especially when they are your own kids suffering. My family was bored and we were all down. One of my kids was going through a time of deep depression prior to Covid. As with most situations world wide, it made things worse. I needed to get her out of the house, with the family, and I needed to come up with something cool. I needed to think of something now. I threw if out there nonchalantly- "Hey sweetie, you want to go have a family dinner out in nature? We can go watch the sunset, play some music, kick the sac around, and I'll cook us up something awesome." I got an immediate doubtful response- "It's getting to late. We don't have time to go shopping, get all the stuff and bring everything out there... and then cook it all up? That's just not gonna happen." I could tell inside she wanted to say yes, but there was serious doubt. I walked outside and grabbed a grill off my bar-b-que, held it up with confidence, and said - "all I need is this grill and what's in the fridge to make us an awesome dinner out there." She replied- "What are we having" and I said- "Medium rare, bacon, cheddar cheese, fat burgers with all the fixings and grilled veggies" with doubt, she pealed herself of her bed and we headed out after a ten minute prep session of grabbing what was available. -"You're gonna cook bacon out there... with that?" -"Shyeah. No problem." It was awesome having the confidence to know exactly how delicious this meal would be, with absolutely no planning and not even a thought of what we would be dong ten minutes prior. We headed out to the dessert to seek out our spot. I already had an area in mind that boasted great views (only about ten minutes from the house), but we found something new, even better than we'd expected. Just passed the original location I was headed we continued through the woods to and opening with a perfect spot to park. The expansive Cascade Mountain Range, from Bachelor to Hood was our backdrop back drop that evening. All it took for me to create a cooking range was a couple well places lava rocks with access underneath to add coals and we were off. I would put those burgers up against any chef in a challenge. The food was perfect, the night was sweet and the experience was priceless.

Now there's probably a thousand similar stories in between those, but this is at the heart of what Fire Fare is all about. Time well spent and memories that will last a lifetime.

Additional content to follow:

-How clients / employees should be treated & passed experience

-Local beer and wine pairings information

-Local secret spot knowledge

-Chef team bio's